Our Belief & Approach

Our belief

At Perform For Life, we believe that an Arts education should motivate, increase self-esteem, broaden perspective and foster a positive outlook – from early childhood right through to young adulthood.

Further, we know that students can use performance skills throughout their lives. This could be for personal growth, in education, or the start of a professional performing career – or all three!

The process of preparing for an Performance Arts exam refines performance skills, and that’s why we encourage students to work towards an examination with either LAMDA, Trinity College London and RSL, depending on their interests. The exam also provides students with certification of the time spent building their skills, as well as their ability. Have a look at our LAMDA, Trinity & RSL exams at Perform For Life page for more information and a list of just some of the benefits.

Perform For Life - Group sessions

Our approach – the Lessons

Group Lessons                                           

In our fun and stimulating group lessons, students have the opportunity to be creative and collaborative.

  • They’ll begin by taking part in energising warm-up games and exercises
  • These will be followed by engaging and tailored activities, which also build technique and performance skills
  • Students will then have a main focus during the lesson. This might be creative collaboration and devising with their peers; rehearsing for an exciting performance; or knuckling down with preparation for a Performing Arts exam

Students have the opportunity to cover all three of the performance disciplines during group lessons: Singing, Dance and Drama. They do, however, have the opportunity for increased focus on one discipline if they wish. Have a look at our Locations pages for more information.

Perform For Life - Group sessions

One-to-one, duo and small group lessons

  • Our one-to-one, duo and small group lessons allow students to focus on their own interests, skills and development
  • They are tailored by our tutors towards the individual student(s), from warm-ups to repertoire
  • The lessons can be used to prepare students for solo / duo exams and performance, for auditions, or simply for personal performance development

Our approach – the Students

We recognise individuality and effort together with ability. Students are acknowledged as individuals, and are encouraged to be communicative and committed throughout their learning.

We also build a culture of the 3 Ps among our students: positivity, peer support and professionalism.

Our aim is for our students to feel happy, encouraged and supported, while also feeling challenged.

‘Quality is found in detail’

Perform For Life’s small, qualified and experienced team set-up provides an experience which can be tailored to and more personal for our students. Tutors plan in detail around students’ interests, aims, needs and strengths, and work to build a strong rapport with them.

Head over to our Our Tutors & Founder / DirectorAbout You and Locations pages to find out more about what we can do for you and where we’re doing it!

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